About Us

Groom's Story

I remember we met on a nice afternoon at Marina Bay, splitting coronas and burgers at Port 305.  She wore these white jeans and a black lace top, looking absolutely gorgeous.  We hit it off right from the start and got to know each other over the next few months.  While I wasn’t looking for anything special at the time, I found myself always wanting to be with her.  She has an amazing group of friends and a welcoming family.  The last four years have been incredible with her in my life.

She’s an impressive cook who feeds my constant appetite with new dishes and I’ll never grow old of her trying out recipes on me.  I also love that she’s opened me up to new things like trips and certain foods that I never would have experienced on my own.  She also doesn’t look both ways when she crosses the street, will walk in the way of anyone at the market, and claims to wears the pants in the relationship but she still can’t handle a spider in the bathroom.  Still, I love her every time she thinks she’s right, which happens to be always.              

While we do have many differences in how we approach life and how we feel about certain things, we have the same long-term goals that give me a reason to be truly optimistic about what the future may bring.  Knowing I get to lay next to her before we fall asleep each night is a gift I’m lucky to have for the rest of my life.  She’s an incredible person and I’m lucky to have her, even luckier that she loves me too.  Life’s not always easy, but her support can get me through anything.  Couldn’t have imagined my life with anyone else.


Bride's Story

I met Mike on a warm sunny afternoon - April 13th, 2014 for lunch at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. We met online and this was our first date. He had long hair back then that would curl up under his hat. He wore giant aviator sunglasses, jeans, a bright blue t-shirt and white old navy flip flops. I remember those the most, because I hated them. But believe it or not, this goofy ball of love won me over. From there we were inseparable and our relationship quickly turned into something really special.

My favorite qualities about Mike is that he is always open to try new foods, travel to new places, and always finds ways to make me laugh. I love that in the short time of being together, we have been able to visit some amazing places, such as Paris, Punta Cana, and Mt. Washington -just to name a few.

Mike has the biggest heart and values having a strong and loving family - that is something I will forever cherish. He holds me back on the ground when I tend to float away. He continuously shows me how strong of a person he is through challenges we face. He always sees the best in people, when I sometimes have a harder time. And finally, he always has a smile on his face and is there for me when I need him most. I love Mike more than words can describe and can't wait to marry this handsome man by finally say "I do".