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Memory Lane

Toni & Miles

Take a trip down memory lane with Toni and Miles as they share a glimpse into their dating history

The Early Years


July 2020

Our First Road Trip

July 2020

Our First Road Trip

October 2020

First Couples Trip

December 2020

First Time Snowboarding

Life Comes At You Fast

2021 - 2022

February 2021

Our First At Home Photoshoot

July 2021

Our First Time Seeing One of the World's Greatest Wonders

August 2021

First Miles 52 Eighty Photoshoot for a Pop Up Shop

October 2021

Our first time seeing the famous lights at the Eiffel tower

March 2022

Making Each Step Count Together

October 2022

Our First Time in Paris

October 2022

Visiting the Mona Lisa

December 2022

Our Engagement Shoot

We said "I Do!" May 13th, 2023

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