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It was March 22 and the world had been suddenly shut down. Nothing in our recent history could have ever prepared us for a moment like this. Overnight our world changed forever. So while everyone was in the house binge watching anything on Netflix and staying connected through the Internet that is when we found each other.
While on Twitter one day I came across a tweet:
Going to the nail salons is one of my favorite biweekly activities and because of the shut down that was not possible. I randomly tweet back a photo of my hand as evidence to show that my nails were still holding on. 
I had no clue that the person that would see it on the other end would be the man that I am in love with now.
When I saw her tweet come across my phone I thought wow she’s Jamaican? I have been to the island twice and I loved the food. I followed her with wishful thinking that maybe she can cook something for me.
After a little flirting on the timeline she mentioned that she wanted some blaze pizza, so without question I sent her a surprise gift.
He sent me pizza money. I was joking on the timeline that I really wanted some pizza and he heard me. His first DM came to me a couple days afterwards. It was evidence that he had been paying very close attention to me.
I was nervous but excited. That night we spoke on the phone. And every night since. I haven’t gone one day without him and he hasn’t gone one day without me. The rest is not just history but a foundation for a relationship today...